Blackmago and his mysterious disappearance

I used to follow Blackmago on social media and Devianart. He’s a Peruvian guy who sculpted with Fimo and Sculpey figures like these: His miniatures, the perfection of his figurines and the finesse of his works are noteworthy. I, personally, prefer his Totoro and his Spirited Away’s figurines. Blackmago was a very recognized person who

Totoro, little handmade figurine

I want to sculpt! I think that this Totoro figurine is the only one that I’ve finished in two years A year ago I tried to make some gifts for people; little Maniac Mansion’s tentacles and Dr.Slump’s Poops but it was a rotund failure because I burned them and the paint fell apart. Since then,

Miniatures, models and Joaquin Palacios

In my youth I loved to look at those little figurines on the storefront of comics shops or model shops. Years after, it was my nephews who were interested in Warhammer figures and I could take a few of them from them to paint. Now, it is my turn to be interested about modelling. My

A gift made with the heart

I’m going to show off my boyfriend because he’s made me one of the most beautiful gifts: a handmade gift *^_^* Everything handmade is on its own beautiful but even more if it has a message. Do you remember Pixar’s movie “Up”? Specifically that scene in which the boy meets a girl who said to

The X-Files kiss and spring

I’m trying to change the aspect of the blog. I’ve added a few links and a few silly functions. I’m still fighting with Photoshop to do something decent. Meanwhile, here you have a video that I just found and it’s so frakking exciting. It’s about The X-Files. Do you remember the hall scene on Fight

MapleStory is really addictive

This blog was down for a while, thanks to my broken computer, time spent programming and the addictive game that I was playing…The name is MapleStory and you can download it here: I started to play last year recommended by a friend. I was at level 26 when they restarted all the servers. Then

Addicted to online game Abbatia

I’ve been playing an on-line game called Abbatia. I’m addicted to it. The mission of the game is to create an abbey which is associated to a religious order. Then you have to attract novices who will raise animals, write books, seed the fields in order to become a powerful abbey. As it was expected
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