Miniatures, models and Joaquin Palacios

In my youth I loved to look at those little figurines on the storefront of comics shops or model shops.

Years after, it was my nephews who were interested in Warhammer figures and I could take a few of them from them to paint.

Now, it is my turn to be interested about modelling.

My hobby started when I tried to sculpt a purple tentacle figurine from the Maniac Mansion videogame.

After that I researched in forums about modelling and sculpting and that is how I found these wonderful artists:

joaquin palacios dark elf
sculptor joaquin palacios

His name is Joaquín Palacios (alias Freeman) and he’s the reason why I have lost many hours looking up WiPs and a lot of forums about sculpture all the time, searching for his works.

He’s a frakking genius!!

You can take a look of his work on his facebook page where he also posts pics about the process.

Another brilliant artist is Andrea Jula. His more remarkable pieces are:

Knight Hospitaller:


XIII century Templar Sergeant: templario pegaso models

another one which the title I don’t know. templario

If anyone knows more artists with this style, tell me please!


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