Welcome to Carlov Figurines

Hello World! and welcome to my new blog about my polymeric figurines, WIP (work in progress) and everything else! It hasn’t been an easy decision because of my lack of self esteem, indecisiveness and because I haven’t got too much time (and when I have, I usually tend to procrastinate) I was in doubt, I

A gift made with the heart

I’m going to show off my boyfriend because he’s made me one of the most beautiful gifts: a handmade gift *^_^* Everything handmade is on its own beautiful but even more if it has a message. Do you remember Pixar’s movie “Up”? Specifically that scene in which the boy meets a girl who said to

The X-Files kiss and spring

I’m trying to change the aspect of the blog. I’ve added a few links and a few silly functions. I’m still fighting with Photoshop to do something decent. Meanwhile, here you have a video that I just found and it’s so frakking exciting. It’s about The X-Files. Do you remember the hall scene on Fight