How should Fimo be stored?

Fast answer: you can store Fimo in any type of container, anywhere.

Perhaps this question of how to store Fimo should be answered with the places where not to store your polymer clay …
Being well preserved, your clay can last for years (I have been 4 years without using it and now I play with my son making shapes).

Unopened, it is also easy to keep. The problem begins as soon as you open it and it is already susceptible to dust and contact with other elements and even to getting dirty with other colours.
So let’s start:

Where clay (Fimo, Sculpey…) can be stored?

These tips are valid for both Fimo, like Super Sculpey, Premo…

The most important thing is to keep it somewhere away from the sun and, if it is cold, better (yes, even in your fridge, without touching your food).
You can use clear film wrap or even plastic freezer bags with zip closure.
Also with wrapping paper with some type of wax to wrap the open packages or the remains of clay.
It is okay to use glass, paperboard or metal containers for unbaked clay.

Can polymer clay dry out?

Yes so you must Avoid storing your polymer clay in:
Do not leave your clay in a very hot place, such as inside a car. Remember that even in colder months, the interior of the car reaches very high temperatures that will damage the polymer clay.
If you have no choice, use an insulated box like an ice bucket.

Do not leave the clay directly in the sun; It is obvious but in case there is someone distracted.

Do not use any kitchen tool, container or tray with the clay and then for any food use. Let everything be exclusive use for polymer clay.

Do not store your uncooked putty in a plastic container or it will melt and coalesce in it.

And this is all by now. Buy if you are interested in some more tips you can read: 9 Polymer clay tips and tricks


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