Gobliiins Retro Tshirt

Gobliiins, for those who doesn’t know, is an very charming adventure game published in the early 1990s.

I’ve played just the first one (it’s a series of four games).

You have the control of three goblins named Asgard, Ignatius and Oups each one of them have a unique ability which they use to solve the puzzles.

You will need to resolve that puzzles in order to progress to the next screen.

gobliiins screenshot

Asgard has the ability of punch things, he is the warrior. Ignatius is a wizard who can move and transform objects and Oups can pick up things. In each puzzle you will need to interact with the three of them.

gobliiins videogame

The game doesn’t have music but there are sound effects and a few pixelart animations between screens and, of course, a lot of ways to lose your life.

By the way, you can play it on Android just for a few bucks. It deserve that you buy it just because to be one of the few retro videogames adapted to Android.

Gobliiins merchandising: t-shirts

There is not a lot of Gobliiins’ merch so I decided to create one of my own because this videogame is one of my favourites since I was 10 years (I have to sculpt something too). Yeah, and because I love pixel videogames.

These 3 little goblins were a pain in the ass to draw. I wanted to make a tshirt to wear my own. The word Gobliiins was the easiest part even when i am definitely not a expert on vectoring but I was scared about the pixel part; when you scale a pixel you have to do it in proportion to not distort the square pixel it so I had to scale and redraw some parts to fit the scene in a specific size. This is the result:

gobliiins pc retro videogame tshirt

Here you have a link to it if you are interested in:


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