Changes and… The X-Files second movie

I’m back!
I have decided to make some changes and fix some broken links but, after viewing my blog in different browsers, I have encountered another more serious problem; It doesn’t look good in the Explorer!
The header is smaller and is duplicated and the “Previous Posts” and “My filing cabinet” links are mounted on top of each other or blank and even the favicon gives problems (thank goodness I managed to fix it) … My regret, I have decided to redesign the page for another browser even knowing that IE is the most widely used (I am the first to use it yet). In any case, I will continue to try to fix those bugs and improve what has already been done.
I hope you will excuse me.

And changing the subject completely, I have seen the second movie of The x-Files !! Curiously, this is what the last post I wrote was about … a year ago … juerrr … how time flies!
Let’s see, let’s see, things to comment taking into account that I am not an expert … It is a film that the followers of the series will enjoy but taking into account that it is one more chapter but of long duration. If more is expected of it, it may disappoint.

Another point to note would be that Laura Palacios is no longer in charge of dubbing Scully; a terrible change, for my taste. And well, I will not say more so as not to load the argument and thus also allow people to form their own opinion about it.

the x-files

“The truth is out there”


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