A brief introduction

A brief introduction: I was born in 1981 and I’ll be 25 very soon… I’m feeling too old.
I’ve lived in Granada my entire life and I hope that will be that way for much longer (although I’m afraid that it won’t be possible).
I still live in my parent’s house because I haven’t finished my studies and I haven’t got a job so I will have to postpone my independence. I want freedom, of course, but i want a safe freedom.
I’m studying an IT applications degree and programming subject is driving me crazy @_@ lol.
I hope to pass the frakking subject.

I like drawing, reading (although I’m not a great reader), I write every now and then (almost always sad things), I watch a lot of series like The X-Files, House, Grey’s anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Firefly…) and finally, I love to sleep. What a pleasure just thinking about it!


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