Welcome to Carlov Figurines

Hello World!
and welcome to my new blog about my polymeric figurines, WIP (work in progress) and everything else!

clay miniatures online shopIt hasn’t been an easy decision because of my lack of self esteem, indecisiveness and because I haven’t got too much time (and when I have, I usually tend to procrastinate)


I was in doubt, I didn’t know if I would be able to continue with the project.


Also I didn’t know if it was better to use my real name or a nickname or if I should to use my personal social media and focus on a specific topic (polymer clay) in them or create new profiles.

After meditating for a while, I decided that I’m motivated enough and the result is this one that you see and I hope that you enjoy with my advances here and in my social profiles:
Twitter: skallian
Pinterest: carlovfigurines
Instagram: carlovfigurines
Etsy: CarlovFigurineShop

In conclusion: what can you expect from this blog?
This blog is like my old one (in fact you can read the old posts still) but I’ll be focusing on my Sculpey (and Fimo) works, tutorials, others works and maybe some of my drawings, who knows.

I’ll love it if you tell me what you think and share my work if you like what you see.

Thanks for following me! And see you soon!


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