Insert Game

Any given day, camera in hand, a lot of boredom … what to do?
Well, make up a short story, draw the storyboard in five minutes, and use the alien nephews of guinea pigs to make a short film.

And what is the result?
Giving my word, as an eyewitness, that the kids were a complete disaster, and that they almost gave us the grapes trying to make them understand the indications, I can firmly affirm that the result is a job well done.

My name, I have no idea how you get something that seems to be useless to take shape and even have any meaning.
I therefore show the short film in question: Insert Game.

And for anyone interested in art, I recommend visiting his personal page: Luxvideo, in which he compiles a sample of what he has been doing over the years (and more and better every day).


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