The x-files the kiss and the deception of the batteries

Long ago, I found the Believe Again site. If I don’t remember badly, a video of those that cheer up your day. Yes sir, this is a kiss from Mulder and Scully that they shot for the first X-Files movie (Fight the Future).

I was excited to see it even though I’m disappointed with the new movie and so many years have passed since the series ended … but I wanted to hang it in case someone hasn’t seen it (and mary chirla, I’m sure you are one of those people who knows how to appreciate it).
Click on the pic to download the video: “The Kiss”.

I also link to Youtube. Specifically a video that deals with batteries. The author Kipkay affirms that they are a hoax and that they sell us button batteries more expensive than they should since, inside an AAA there are 8 button cells.
In other videos of this man we see that the scam is applicable to various types of batteries.
I do not know what to think about it but I would like to check if it is true.

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