My first pixelart video (I’m trying)

I’ve been working with my husband and brother-in-law for 6 months on a YouTube channel: jaymegutierrez

in which my brother-in-law makes the music, my husband edits the video and I take care of a little of everything and a little of nothing. That is why I felt the need to create something of my own.

Scribbling on paper, I came up with the idea and saved it for a while because I didn’t have enough level and for fear that it would be crappy, but one day I woke up wanting to do it and didn’t stop until I achieved it.
This is the result, an animation about videogames (published on our secondary channel, which is Spanish):

I am very green when it comes to pixel art but I am very satisfied to have finished something even knowing that I do not know: P

You can see my very first try here: My first Pixelart


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