My first figure modeling with Super Sculpey

Everything has a beginning and mine wasn’t long ago: I was looking at pics on Google and I found this tutorial which explains the process of making a figure with sculpey firm.
I wasn’t looking for anything about clays but this figure attracted my attention.

snug sculpture

(I can’t find the exact tutorial)

My husband (at the time, boyfriend) saw me and, because he hates me wasting my time, he bought me a block of sculpey clay so rather than just looking I could start sculpting.

When I received the gift I started to look at all the Internet tutorials (like crazy) and in spite of my initial excitement, I was scared a little because it was all new and seems complicated. Not that I thought it would be easy but just not so complicated.
I thought that I had to model something simple and like the freak that I am, I decided to make “the purple tentacle” of The Day of the Tentacle (the sequel of Maniac Mansion).
I don’t know why the purple tentacle is my recurrent figure if my favorite is the green tentacle.

I did the tentacle template, my boyfriend made me a plinth and helped me with the wireframe and I started making the principal shape.

purple tentacle wip
My first failed attempt. Click to enlarge

When I finished it I inserted it in the oven and a few minutes later I got it out and it was ready!!


What a fool!… I just killed my first (of many) figures. It broke with little fissures everywhere.
I just have a pic of this massacre but it’s blurry.

fisures sculpey

With this figure, I learned that when the bake time is over you must leave the piece in the oven until it’s cold.
So, this entry – without knowing – is my first advice about sculpey:

“You must put your piece inside the oven without preheating and once of the bake time is over, wait until it’s cold.”

gif smart boy
My first tip.

And this is all for now. I’ve been learning a bit more with each piece that I make.

How did you get involved with crafting world?


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