Institute problems

An infernal course that ends!! I think it’s the first time that I study so much and I approve hehe, what’s more, I think it’s the only time in my life that they have to pass their hand to others and not to me.
I have hardly gone out with my friends; I have only been to the cinema once since September, I have not been hooked on any game other than letters, I have not used Messenger and everything has been rewarded !!

I could say that I am very happy, but no, that is not the word; I am relieved but not happy. I have approved, but the rest has been a disaster; I have more and more desire to leave home, I have not met anyone new, I have had almost no contact with the classmates who had repeated, and with the two who were in my class I have had more of the same; with irix un: now I’m messing with you now I’m repelling you, now I’m getting involved again now I don’t know and to finish off a “for me, you’re not special” but continue with the fooling around. I will tell about that in more detail. With the other boy very well; as attentive and helpful as ever.

Both have suspended and repeat again, and only the second one has congratulated me (in person, by mail, by mobile …) some very nice words worth mentioning “I will miss you. I hope you tell me how it goes…. Thank you for always being there, for the good and for the bad. You are a fucking great aunt and a great person. BS “And what raises the morale that they treat him so well ^^ The other barely says goodbye to me, I send him a nice message to cheer him up and it doesn’t matter much to him and he doesn’t even reply with a sad touch .I understand that you are down, but joé, you could be a little interested in me, where have I had my internship, with which tutor, what is my project going to be …

And I am on my nerves, that tomorrow I start the practices !!! scareeeee


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