Trip to Scotland, and travel sketchbook

I have this very, very neglected, but I am doing very badly in my studies and it gives me trouble to dedicate myself a lot to leisure.

These are some drawings I made on my first trip to Scotland

Pág 1 Pág 2
Pág 3 Pág 4
Pág 5 Pág 6
Pág 7 Pág 8

I thought my sister and my friend would like to remember it. It doesn’t look very good and it’s nothing to write home about but at least my sister will be excited to read it: P
Lately I’m not inspired and I don’t feel like writing or drawing. In addition, it is not that I have much to tell …

The boy I was talking about in the previous post; my platonic love: P called me recently and told me that he was in Granada, that if I wanted to go for a walk, with him, his wife? And your daughter. And it wasn’t funny to me but I wanted to see him and chat with him so I went and I didn’t have such a bad time. It was funny, seeing someone you met when you were 17 years old and who was a disaster, made a great father and with his feet on the ground (not like me :-P)

Anyway, I hope I can spend more time on the blog another day.
Greetings for those who continue to pass through here and for the crazy girls !!


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