MapleStory is really addictive

This blog was down for a while, thanks to my broken computer, time spent programming and the addictive game that I was playing…
The name is MapleStory and you can download it here: I started to play last year recommended by a friend. I was at level 26 when they restarted all the servers. Then I created a new one and stopped playing.
I’ve started playing again these days and I’m almost level 40!! I’m an Ice Wizard but you can choose other jobs like thief, archer or warrior. Try it and tell me what you think. It’s a little silly, I know, but It’s so addictive!!
You can buy a large selection of very cute objects but it’s with real money… I prefer playing with Mesos, lol.

maple story

I am the one with the green hat.

Well well well I’ve passed my programming course at last!!! It cost me a lot in spite of that it was my only subject this year. I’m studying 3 subjects next year, I don’t think that I’m gonna achieve it.
… It’s easy to live the good life : P

Bad things that occurred this year: Because I’m repeating the course I didn’t make friends. I’ve conserved my two friends from last year (also repeating) and have a couple of new friends (but one of them has left the course).
There was a boy in the class that was very hot and lived at 2 minutes from my house however we haven’t talked too much because he is a little quiet.
I hope that next year will be better LOL

Good things of this year: I had just 4 days a week, two hours each so it was relaxing.

The friendship-somethingelse that I had with a good friend from last year had a few good moments… very good. But, everything is the same right now : /

Well, that’s all for now. I won’t write frequently because I haven’t got Internet in my country house. I’ll do all my best.
Take care!


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