Platonic love

Jop. A few days ago, I opened my email (one of those that I always forget to look at) and I found a message from my platonic love. He announced that he had had a daughter !! O_O ‘It was a shock to read that news. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t know it.
The last time I heard from him, more than half a year ago, he had just had a car accident and was on sick leave, so we talked more than usual at that time. A year without hearing from him and I find this …
I’m happy for him, really, really, but this is hard to take in.

It seems like yesterday when we were in high school, fooling around; Those recesses we spent writing down on a list the people who asked us if we were involved, or at the COU dinner, in which I rejected the first boy who asked me out because I couldn’t stop thinking about my child. Laughter with my friends when they said that our children would be very beautiful; blond, with ricillos and whites. It does not make anything of that birthday of a friend in which she told me that I was the only person she would be with (talk that, the birthday girl interrupted, and could not be resumed all night). How little that feeling of euphoria, of a dream come true, lasted; Not even three days passed and I was already with a girl from the boarding school. It will be my fate …

But no, it wasn’t yesterday. It has been almost seven years of this and, despite everything, I was still in my thoughts.
A couple of Christmases ago, my mother, who knows her family, told me:
 “Do you know that your friend got married?” And as I was hearing those words, crocodile tears were falling down my cheeks. And I’m not one of those who cry; it came from my soul! My sisters started crying while saying that after all, I was not a robot; I had feelings (whores ¬¬). Then he said “Oh no, sorry! He wasn’t your friend, he was his brother !!” But the shock and the pain, they no longer took it away from me !! T_T

Taking advantage of the news, I have called you. I wanted to do it, for a long time, but after not talking to someone for so long, it is nice to call without having anything to tell, right? After all, we are not only no longer friends, but we are strangers. But I’ve always tried my best to keep in touch. So, I picked up my cell phone, I braced myself, I remembered and dialed his number.
How glad I was to hear from you again !! ^^ * As soon as I picked up the hook, he told me that
 “¡¡hola tati!!”

it sounded so good from her lips. His voice … he had already forgotten it. And that way of calling me aaAaaayyy T_T, if I was excited and everything :)
And after the call, what a strange feeling!

Listening, to make me more depressed: Damien Rice

(Did I say I’m glad? Even if it doesn’t seem like it: P)


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