Teachers like to torture, for sure

Unfortunately, the professors have not eaten me. XD That would mean that I would not have to spend the mornings dead from boredom and the afternoons stressed because I have to keep everything we give up to date (which is not little). We haven’t even been in school for ten days and we already have exams in sight! uff uff how bad I got used to it last year with my two hours a day!
I haven’t even had time to visit my regular blogs and I want to know how all these days have gone: (
Changing the subject; today was my second time donating blood and my last !! As soon as I arrive, the girl looks at me and asks me if I have had breakfast, I answer that of course, she looks me up and down and says:

– “You have to eat more, huh?”
– “I already eat enought, and quite a bit even though it doesn’t seem like it.”
– “How much do you weigh?”
– “This … 49”
– “49 ????? and they let you pass?”
– “Sure, click, nothing is going to happen to me”

The girl was thoughtful for a long time and finally agreed. While I was thinking: “come on woman, I’ve bet I was capable, don’t make me lose !!” XD
I have donated, my arm hurts, and I have a very nice purple souvenir but it was worth it because I will be able to spend a loooong time with my friend for having been for 4 hours of a dull gray color and almost unable to get up. Ainss … and then I’m the weakling lol


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