Last year on FP

Today has started my last year. If everything goes well, and I am aware of it, by June I will have finished the course and the internships in the company. I still don’t know if I will sign up for the Leonardo scholarship with which I could do my internships abroad. It depends on many things: if I pass, my grades, the competence I have and my value !! that, why fool ourselves, is scarce; )

I was quite scared with this day because the teachers who could touch me were scary and I did not know which classmates I was going to be with, but now I’m quite happy because I have had two nice teachers and a pu ** (who made me repeat only with his course).
Also, in class I’m with my two classmates, the first two ^^ (including the one I like); also a guy (from the second first) who is so hot and who makes me very hor…y every time I see him; and a couple more from last year.

So today things have not been bad, and tomorrow the only thing left to do is get a good place. The bad thing is that I will have to decide between my two friends if there is no place. Tomorrow will be seen.


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