The X-Files kiss and spring

I’m trying to change the aspect of the blog. I’ve added a few links and a few silly functions.
I’m still fighting with Photoshop to do something decent.
Meanwhile, here you have a video that I just found and it’s so frakking exciting. It’s about The X-Files. Do you remember the hall scene on Fight the Future? That one in which Mulder is going to kiss Scully but a bee sting her? When I saw it the pre-release day (yes, I’m a huge fan), every single person in the theater screamed in that moment very angry with the bee. It was so funny.

Well, in this video you have the unseen scene. The so expected kiss… Enjoy it!! (Click on the image to download it).
mulder and scully first kiss

And there is another version of the kiss!

And here you have a comic (just a simple thing that I did between classes to not die of boredom). I drew it last year. It’s about how bad I was last spring ^^*Sangre Alterada


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